Eyelash Extension Kit Set 【11 Items】

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样式: Clear Pink Glue 2 Sec Fast Dry 【60 Days lasting】
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X1 Eyelash Glue Set Japanese 2 sec Fast Dry 【60~70 Days lasting】

X1 100pcs Eyelash Glue Removing Cotton Pad

X1 12ml Sponge Ball Cleaning Tools Kit, Eyelash Extension Tweezers Cleanser 

X1 50 Pack Set Under Eye Pads, Comfy and Cool Under Eye Patches Gel Pad

X1 Specialized Lash Extension Tweezers Variety Style (Straight)

X1 Specialized Lash Extension Tweezers Variety Style (Curved)

X1 50Pcs Set Disposable Eyelash Extension Remove Brush Lip Brushes

X 2 Eyelash Tape Non-woven Tape

X 1 Eyelash Extension Silicone Pads/Silicone Pallet for Loose Lash/False Eyelash Holder

X 1 100 pcs Disposable Micro Brushes Applicators for Eyelashes Extensions Lint-free 3mm-Blue


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