5 Pack / 20Pcs of Various Colors Pedicure Toe Separators/Nail Art Finger Soft Foam Separators


Color: $1.2*5 Pack=20 pcs 【Pink】
Sale price$6.00


  • CONVENIENT: Two pairs in a bag is perfectly suitable to practice.
  • REUSABLE: Can be washed easily and dry for the next use. 100 pieces toe separators can be used for a long time, or serve for a large group of people at the same time. But save much money.
  • SOFT: Made of premium foam, make it soft and flexible to use. Gentle to skin and prevent pain.
  • IDEA SEPARATORS: Great for keeping toes and fingers apart to apply nail polish, exercise your toes endurance and balance, relax toes and fingers after busy work every day and reduce pain.

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